This is Success

Awkward. Easily dejected. Unaccomplished. Three of many terms I could use to describe my youngest son two years ago. We had so many concerns, like whether or not his generous and supportive nature would survive intact through high school life. Or if the first girl to break his heart would show him real dejection. He is the best human I know, but he was not equipped to keep the world from swallowing him up at the first chance.
Now, as a green belt, he is no longer unaccomplished. He proudly displays all of his certificates and belts on the wall in his bedroom. He is no longer easily dejected. There are two shelves bulging with tournament trophies that show he has learned it is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose, and that losing is simply a part of growing. And he is by no definition awkward. He is very comfortable in his own skin. He uses his newfound abilities as if they’ve always been there. He is still the best human I know, and because of martial arts, he is not only going to remain that way, he continues to get better.
I fully support Project Front Kick. If this program continues to help children who’s parents are simply not aware of the benefits of martial arts training, I know someone else will be able to write what I have written here today.  Many hands make light work.

- Brandon's Father / Aaron Wise

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